Web Busters is about performance on Google Search. We do more than sales and branding: we understand how Google controls which products and services are seen first on the internet.

To get people's attention, it takes awesome images, words that grab people's imagination and marketing strategies that create exceptional impressions in the minds of consumers.

We help local, national and international business to gain favourable attention from Google, either as paid Google Ads or organic traffic. Often, a mix of both works the best.

We’re proven to help businesses increase their sales and that is why businesses come to us every day to publish information about their products or services. Google Ads will supplement organic or unpaid listings in Google search results.

Typically we carry out the backroom management of Google Ads for small and medium businesses.

Google is in control of online search and operators from Web Busters know how to work with Google, not against, to gain visibility for our clients in search.

It is not hard to pay a lot of money to be on the first page of Google paid ads. Money talks but for most businesses, bidding high amounts to buy top spot in paid Google Ads is not a sustainable marketing practice. A not very logical example of how paid search could work would be a start up airline bidding say $100 to be the first listing for the search words "cheap flights".  There is a paradox there that applies to any business using Google Ads. The bid for "Cheap Flights" is too high and the income from cheap flights per passenger would be less than the cost of acquiring a customer.

Google Ads do not have to drain your budget.

Web Busters helps businesses to work out what search terms to bid on and for how much.

Back to the "cheap flights" example. Instead of paying Google $100 for a search click, the start up airline could go for "Flights x to b". The cost would probably be less and the ads would only be shown to people wanting to go from x to b. The double benefit there is that the customer is targeted directly and the cost is lower.

The principles of the "cheap flights" scenario apply to any business looking to be seen on Google. Picking keywords or search terms is the major component and your bid price is the other.

Google runs the ad game & Web Busters knows the rules.

From Text or content, Google Shopping to Youtube Ads and Display Ads – we understand the essentials

Google rules change often and the Web Busters is always learning more. Complying with Google's rules is a way to the top of search pages.

Web Busters will get you started and withdraw or continue to manage your business' Google Ads operations.

* Full-Service Google Ads & YouTube Ads
* Dedicated Account Manager & Lead Strategist
* Strategy Consultations
* Keyword research
* Feed management
* Campaigns management
* Bid automation
* Custom Audiences
* Dynamic Product Ads
* Retargeting
* Real-Time Analytics
* Creative Studio
* Video Design
* Custom Photoshoots
* Copywriting
* Graphic Design & Illustration
* Video Editing and production
* User Generated Content
* Product and Lifestyle Photography


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