A marketing campaign is a set of plans and actions designed to draw attention to a product or service using a range of online and offline exposure methods.

A creative campaign is used to reach a group of people within the population who are the most likely or appropriate potential customers for a business.

An example would be when a blockbuster movie is due for release. The marketing campaign for a movie would typically include interview opportunities with the cast so as to gain exposure from articles and videos as well as TV prior to the release date.

Movie marketing campaigns are usually conducted by a group of public relations firms contracted to market the product in distinct global markets.

In Australia, national marketing campaigns are regularly seen on social media, television and in the press. Lately YouTube is a primary outlet for business news and information about products or services. On YouTube marketing takes the form of video content produced to run on the video channel of the business, as well as slick advertising videos to run before YouTube users get to the content that they actually want to see.

Locally, a business such as a restaurant or a supplier in the house and garden market will focus their efforts on media that is hyper local. Advertising on TV, social media and in the press are typically used.

Web Busters helps businesses to reach the potential customers that they need to sustain operations and to grow.

Essentially, the idea is to increase demand by generating interest in a client's product or service.

Every task is different and therefore, Web Busters adapts existing proven marketing methods to the needs of each client. The principles are the same but the tactics or marketing outlets to be used vary upon the circumstances.

Importantly, the marketing messages need to be specific to the client's objectives. A campaign will always include the benefits to consumers of the product or service, why the product or service is better than competitors are able to offer and finally, how people can get their hands on the product or service.

Sometimes we work with clients from the start or we may come in later to ensure that a prearranged campaign can be delivered to the target audience.

Get in touch with Web Busters to get some ideas on how to get your message out there.

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